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When it comes to matters of life and death our e-books are a good starting point. They provide practical information, tips and advice to make the most of living while preparing for death and dying.

They are not intended to be reference books, but rather, resources to encourage dialogue and start a conversation around the things that are important when it comes to dying.

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About Dying 



For most of us, dying is an unpleasant event that will happen in the distant future. For others, that future is now.

Dealing with dying, either when facing one’s own death or as a spectator, is an almost impossible task. Modern society has made death the ultimate failure and, as a result, many people end up feeling excluded and alone when it comes to dying.

About Dying takes a non-confrontational approach to the subject of death and dying. It allows the reader to safely open the door on a forbidden topic and discover that there is more to death than meets the eye.

If you are struggling with the idea of your mortality, or want to explore the possibility of immortality, About Dying offers life-changing and essential insights. Find out more about the physical, emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of dying. Get a fresh perspective on the normality of death. Above all, be inspired to get on with living in the face of dying.

A fascinating look at Big George’s colourful life for some inspiration if you are doing some heavyweight fighting

An acclaimed book of the possibilities out there after life – a neurosurgeons perspective

The amazing story of dying and coming back to life- worth every minute

For a different perspective on end of life matter

Classic Literature on Dying

If Morrie can do it so can all of us – a refreshing look at dying

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