"Dying is only one thing to be sad over. Living unhappily is something else."

– Morrie Schwartz

When it comes to dying and living there is a lot to know. You can find out for yourself, but here at Dying to Understand, we aim to have everything you might need, right here. We hope that this will save you time, energy and maybe even money, so that you can do something else that is more enjoyable.

We are brand new, and we expect that over time our resources will grow. We plan to offer an ever-increasing directory of services, a member’s library or shop, and the adventures of Stickman.

You can help us by telling us what is missing. We have a big picture vison to provide all the resources people require for dying, as well as for living.

Our list of resources is growing and, as with all things of value, we expect it will mature over time.

Please let us know your thoughts and provide any feedback via our contact page.


Green Page Directory

Our Green Page directory is aimed at providing a list of specialised services available in the community. Dying is a specialised skill and we hope that our directory will be of use to you. 

If you are able to contribute to our directory and want to be a partner with us, why not get in touch. We are here for the greater good.

Member library and shop

We have created free resources for our members to download and read. We admit that these are humble beginnings, but they are a valuable start. If you are not a member, please consider membership or feel free to purchase the items you want in the store. Start with the free stuff and see if it is what you like.

We also have reading suggestions and links to Amazon if that’s where you want to go.

Please browse and let us know what we are missing.


Stickman is our spokesman when it comes to terminal cancer and the challenges of dying. Stickman is real about his diagnosis and prognosis and discusses his challenges and adventures without holding back.

You may not agree with everything Stickman has to say, so why not share your own perspective with us.

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