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Our aim is to offer a comprehensive and useful resource related to the diagnosis of a terminal illness, as well as death and dying. We have all the information you need in one convenient place, saving hours of precious time trying to find out what you need to know when faced with the challenges of dying.

But we are more than this, we are a community of people sharing in and supporting each other through this journey together.

Please register to be part of our community so that we can freely share our resources with you.


Membership is a safe way to provide quality content and community participation without the risk of unsolicited content. It is an achievable way to protect our community. Membership allows you to participate in the conversations on the forum.


As a registered charity, we are able to deliver exceptional value at a reduced cost. Our fee of $50 offers access to all of our resources and helps us achieve our goal of supporting people who are on the journey at the end of life.

If you prefer not to join, no problem, you can still have access to our content and pay as you go. Our full membership does, however, offer the best value and allows you to participate in the conversations on the forum.

Types of Membership

Benefits Visitors Members
Unlimited website access N N
Ability to contribute (forum, stories etc.) M N
Access to resources (e-books & PDFs) N Included
Hard copy of book ‘Dying to Understand’ M Included
INVESTMENT $0 $50 (one off only payment)

We offer three membership options:

  • Non-member which offers limited access to resource available but full access to the site.
  • DIY membership with a pay as you go option for all resources available.
  • Full membership, offering exceptional value with a fixed one-off fee that grants you access to all resources, current ones and any new ones that become available.

Regardless of which membership you choose, we hope that you will become part of our community and contribute to helping us build something bigger and better each day.

Why Membership?


Privacy protection

We respect your privacy and do not send annoying emails. We have an opt-in system if you want to stay in touch and be informed through our monthly Newsletter.

Protection from unsolicited third-party opportunists

Some people are out to make a quick buck, but not on our watch. We are on the lookout for people wanting to push marketing raging from funeral plans to insurance policies. We cannot always stop them, but as a community, we can be on the lookout and get rid of them through our membership system.

Protecting the dignity of life and personal information of our community

When people share their stories and emotions, we think this is valuable and worth protecting. As such we only allow members to share information and view information that has been shared. As a community doing life and death together we think there is simply too much a stake to have an open-ended website without membership protection.


We have great value options. As a Not-for-profit organisation our focus is on giving. While we would love to offer all our resources at no cost, this is not possible and we rely on our products and your generosity to enable us to continue our good work.

An “easy to leave” option

We know that our resources are not for everyone and are not required on an ongoing basis. Some come and go in a day, others like to stay. Regardless, ending membership is an easy single step. Click on “Goodbye” and we will take care of it from our side.


Fine print

This is necessary to keep you, us and the lawyers happy. The print is not that fine, open and transparent and helps us with our governance. Find out more – Click Here.

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