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When it comes to dying there are no professionals. We can only react to what we see and know at the time and do the best we can. From a single perspective this can be daunting. We hope that a shared perspective may be useful , encouraging and if nothing else raise a question for research.

Every week we post a topic for debate and discussion. The purpose is to learn from others not to teach them. Please share your comments as part of a learning experience. To make this meaningful we have some rules: Please consider these rules when you add your thoughts:

  • Respect the views and opinions of others- be nice.
  • Share from your personal experience.
  • Have an attitude to add to the conversation not run the conversation.
  • This is not a marketplace so don’t sell your goods here.
  • Your views and comments become public knowledge so don’t share anything you may later regret.
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No one likes bad news. One of the most difficult things is to break bad news- to tell someone that they are dying or to have to tell someone you are dying. We have been taught to do this in steps, to first fire a warning shot – and then on another occasion break more of the bad news. This allows time for the bad news and disappointment to be digested, worked out in the mind and processed. What has your experience been?



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