"'A picture is worth ten thousand words"

- Fred R. Barnard

The chances are that someone loves you and cares about you. You are valuable to them and one way you can demonstrate your appreciation for them is to have a good photo taken of yourself. This is not vanity it is a kindness.

A picture is worth ten thousand words. What does your best photo tell about you? A great photo will be able to capture your essence and it will turn out to be priceless.

We encourage you to get a good photo. A professional photo shoot is worth every dollar spent. This is particularly true if you think that you are not photogenic or could not be bothered. The skill of a photographer is to make what, you may think is impossible, a reality.

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Photo Gallery

These are examples of photo shoots and people’s comments that were done on purpose. If you look at the photos and comments, I am sure you will notice that there were no disappointments.

Fun Gallery

Photos can and should sometimes just be fun. Not all photos turn out well and sometimes it is fun to look at failed photos. We hope that none of these are your final statement in life but, if you have a crazy photo that has meaning to you, please feel free to share these photos here. We look forward to seeing your ‘thousand words ’ in a single crazy snap.

Reflections Gallery

Sometimes it is something around us that touches us deeply and stirs our emotion. In that moment a photo may capture a pure emotion. If you have a photo that captures an emotion and you wish to share it with a comment we will be so pleased to experience this with you.

Upload your reflection photo and comment here.

My Best Photo

We all have our favorite photo. It may be that grainy beach photo as a child when life was easy and carefree. It may be that time you walked in a forest and were in awe of nature.

Please share your favorite photo here and tell us why you like this photo. We would love to hear your story. Upload your favorite photo and comment here.

People's Experiences

Show us what you have been up to or see what others have been up to

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