Regardless of your circumstance, there are things only you know—things like banking passwords, the combination to the safe, or where you buried the family gold. While it is good to keep this information confidential, it is also important to share this information in a safe way in the event of you not being able to communicate either due to illness or death.

One of the most difficult things in settling someone’s estate is having to undo all this secret and confidential information. It is sometimes just not possible.

Rather than leave this as a permanent unsolved mystery, we recommend that you record this confidential information and share it with a trusted person at the right time. This information will differ depending on each person’s circumstances and may include information and instruction about the care of pets, the spare keys to the house, disposing of firearms or the ownership of accounts.

We recommend that you take the time to sit down and make a long list of things that need to be done or organised, no matter how minute they may seem. If possible, do this with someone close to you as they may help trigger thought processes associated with what needs to be included, and you can also talk through the things that need to be addressed.

If you’re struggling to get started, why not download our Final Checks PDF.  

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