Regardless of your circumstance – married or not, have children and grandchildren or not, live alone, live with siblings or a carer, there are some things that only you are privy to or are aware of that need to be shared prior to dying. Perhaps you are the person in the household who manages all the finances or is the one who knows the contact detail for family and friends, and if you have a mobile phone or bank account in your name only then you are the only person who can access this account. Thinking about these things, and actioning as much as possible before dying will make everything so much easier once you’re gone.

There are many other practical things to consider as well, things that are easy to forget such as the combination to the safe, the care of pets, the spare keys to the house, disposing of firearms and, as mentioned, the ownership of accounts to name a few. These are but a few of many things to consider before dying.

If dying is more than a possibility, the best way to manage this is to take the time to sit down and make a long list of things that need to be done or organised, no matter how minute they may seem. If possible, do this with someone close to you as they may help trigger thoughts processes associated with what needs to be included and you can also talk through the things that need to be addressed.

If you’re struggling to get started, we can help.

DOWNLOAD OUR FINAL CHECKS PDF that lists some key things to think about, with space to include your own personal items, or use it to cross-check items on your list.

Still struggling? Head to our FORUM and ask our trusted community for help.

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