Teamwork involves people and for the best team you want the right people. At Dying to Understand, we are trying to find the right people for our team with the purpose of providing valuable resources for those facing death.

As a global internet-based charity, we cannot be everywhere all of the time. That is why we need you because with you we can provide a service everywhere. Our growing directory will allow our members to have quick access to your specialised services. There is no catch, contract or other nasty surprise provided that you are a willing participant and team-player looking after our members interest.  

If you align with our values, provide a product or service that will benefit our community and want to be on the team, why not get in touch. We reserve the right to select our team members and if we like what you offer, welcome on board.

Please get in touch.

The Green Pages

If you have heard about the Yellow Pages you will understand the Green Pages. This is our directory of goods and services for those who are facing the challenges of dying.

We like Green because we think this reflects hope, and growth and life, and it is what we are about.

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