We aim to provide our members with relevant information about dying. We think that death education is so important that it should be taught at school.

The quality- information we provide is for your convenience, saving you valuable time to find good information, in a sea of misinformation.

We are also a community, sharing insights and experiences. Sometimes the nature of the content and shared experiences may be very sensitive and personal, and this needs to be protected.

So, after much thought we have decided that a membership model is the safest way to share and protect personal content. It is also an important source of funding for our charity and the work we do. 

Please have a look at what we do and consider the value we provide to you,  as well as to the charities we support.

We would love your contribution as a member, but if you would prefer taking your time to have a look around as a visitor, you are most welcome.

Membership Registration


Because we are a community, we need to know who is in our community. Some of our content is sensitive and personal and the last thing we want is abuse from an unwanted guest. By registering we can be confident that you are on our team and in the rare case where someone is not a team player, we have the ability to say “goodbye”.


We want you to feel safe and secure with us. Membership offers us the ability to manage visitors to our site and while most people are welcome, some will not be welcome. Membership allows us to be exclusive.

We exclude unkind, malicious, critical or offensive contributions. We exclude commercial exploitation of our members. We do not offer a “soapbox” for unsolicited expression of ideas and ideologies.

Please consider this exclusive offer and become a member of our amazing community today.


We ask for a one-off $30 membership donation. We thought long and hard about our fundraising and rather than be an annoying charity always asking for money, we prefer to get the financial matters out the way as quickly as possible.

Yes, we are asking you to please assist us with a financial contribution.

Please consider the value we offer in our growing list of resources,  the charities we support, the benefits that may be obtained from research  and most importantly, the opportunity to be a superhero and help us  make this journey better for the next person.

If you would prefer to remain a visitor, please feel welcome to browse our site and look at what we provide. Our content is available for a small fee, but you will not be able to contribute to our community as a visitor.

We know that it is not always possible to give and if you would like to contribute but cannot contribute financially, please contact us at admin@dyingtounderstand.com and tell us your story.

 Membership value option

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A Copy of Dr Colin Dicks’ E-Book “About Dying: How to Live in the Face of Death” N
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COST  $30

Why Membership?


Privacy protection

We respect your privacy and do not send annoying emails. We have an opt-in system if you want to stay in touch and be informed through our monthly Newsletter.


Protection from unsolicited third-party opportunists

Some people are out to make a quick buck, but not on our watch. We are on the lookout for people wanting to push marketing raging from funeral plans to insurance policies. We cannot always stop them, but as a community, we can be on the lookout and get rid of them through our membership system.

Protecting the dignity of life and personal information of our community

When people share their stories and emotions, we think this is valuable and worth protecting. As such we only allow members to share information and view information that has been shared. As a community doing life and death together we think there is simply too much a stake to have an open-ended website without membership protection.


We have great value options. As a Not-for-profit organisation our focus is on giving. While we would love to offer all our resources at no cost, this is not possible and we rely on our products and your generosity to enable us to continue our good work.

An “easy to leave” option

We know that our resources are not for everyone and are not required on an ongoing basis. Some come and go in a day, others like to stay. Regardless, ending membership is an easy single step. Click on “Goodbye” and we will take care of it from our side.


Fine print

This is necessary to keep you, us and the lawyers happy. The fine-print is not that fine. It is open and transparent and helps us with our governance. Find out more – Click Here.

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