“To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always”
Edward Livingston Trudeau

Modern medicine is a victim of it’s own failed propaganda. With a promise “to cure” there is an ever-increasing demand to be cured at all costs, but in reality, medicine ultimately fails because we are all destined to die and ultimately prove medicine wrong.

Because of this failed promise a rethink of the role of medicine is required.

In reality medicine is part science and part art. The science of medicine knows about stuff: the art of medicine is about knowing people and in particular knowing how to care. Here we emphasize the care that is required, making no promises yet expecting, in the words of Edward Livingston Trudeau- “to be comforted” .

Things do not always only go right in life , they sometimes go terribly wrong. Good health is not a right, it is a privilege.

There is much suffering in the world. Ensure that there is no unnecessary suffering in your world if your health fails. Consider the following opportunities to make the most of your health in the future

Palliative Care Topic of the Month

Topic: Breathlessness
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