"When making your choice in life, don’t forget to live"

- Samuel Johnson

Let us show you how to live even in the face of death.

Every day, the sun rises on opportunity. We are all given 86,400 seconds to make the most of each day. What will you do with your time today, or tomorrow? The sad thing is that most people choose not to do anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes it requires planning to make the most of a day, and in life, we can get too busy with unimportant stuff. Before we know it, another week is consumed with tasks, appointments, duties etc. We can be like little hamsters running on a never-ending wheel of meaningless activity. But, it takes a deliberate effort to get off the wheel. It’s time to get off that wheel, even for just an afternoon. Plan to do something fun, different or out of the ordinary.

Start off by being kind to yourself, and plan to have some fun. You have more than enough permission to smile and to enjoy your day. Make sure you give yourself enough of a good thing so that there’s more to look forward to tomorrow. We certainly understand some days are tough and that pain and illness can stomp on the strongest of motivation. Even so, we encourage you to plan for a better day, why not make it an outrageously fun day. Why? Because you can, even if it’s not perfect.
Need some inspiration? Here’s some suggestions for what you can plan for that outrageously fun, special day. If you’ve done something similar already, or if you have any suggestions on what to do, head to <our forum (link)> to share. There’s plenty of people who’d love to hear about it.

Photo shoot.

Remember those terrible family photos we have/had of our family and/or grandparents. Dimly lit, incredibly staged and perhaps a little out of focus, yet they are a precious memory, particularly if any member of our family is no longer with us. Who wishes they had something more? I certainly do. Don’t leave a bad photo as a legacy instead, plan a photo shoot. It may sound a little awkward, but it will be well worth it and your family and friends will thank you for it. Get dressed in your best, invite whomever you like along and head off for fun professional photo session. A good photographer will capture the true essence of you, the real you, leaving this as a permanent legacy and a lasting memory. Let us help – E book , Planning the photo Shoot Let us know how it went.

Big Event.

Funerals are usually big events, a celebration of life, except they exclude the most important person – the one who has died. Why not celebrate your life, with the people you love, while you’re alive? Everyone should have a celebration of life before their end of life. It may be a strange invitation to make but we can almost guarantee friends and family will embrace the idea and perhaps try to arrange it on your behalf. We can almost hear the excuses you’re currently making, and yes, no one wants to be pitied, but therein is the secret – just do it. Show everyone how to live even in the face of death. Defy illness for one day and celebrate the greatness of life. Make a bold statement about your life and enjoy spending time with all those people who you haven’t seen and who you wouldn’t get to see at your funeral.

Go on book your big event – what do you have to lose?

E Book- The big event – how to get there and do it.
Share your big event here.

Bucket List

In the great 2007 movie, The Bucket list, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson raised the question, “what do you want to do before you kick the bucket?” It is a relevant and important question. So go on, ask yourself what do you want to do before it’s too late? The sooner you plan for it and do it, the greater chance you’ll have of achieving it and it being an enormous success. Try this resource as a starting point https://www.redballoon.com.au/bucket-list or make up your own list and place it in order of priority, or if necessary, capability. Remember, you can still achieve just about anything you set your mind to.
Let us know where we can help and please share your experience.

Journaling Workshop

I wish I knew more about my grandparents. As a child, I remember them fondly, yet before I was old enough to get to know them or understand them, they were gone. Imagine the changes they experienced in their lifetime.
Their lives were living history. Regardless of how you may think your life has played out, we can assure you it is a legacy. You are an album of memories, and not to mention a walking encyclopaedia of history. Don’t let the past get lost, make sure you share it today.
Legacy workshop- Online

Spirituality and conversations with God.

We are spiritual beings. There is compelling evidence to suggest that when we die our spirit* leaves our physical body and we continue to exist. The nature of this existence is varied depending on the custom , culture or religion presented. We explore the evidence of this spiritual existence and make an argument to have a conversation with God. Regardless of your view about spirituality , this is essential reading.

Please download our ebook- Conversation with God.