Storytelling, as old as mankind, and it has an important role in society. It benefits the teller who relives the experience. Whether the experience is good or bad , the telling thereof is liberating .It benefits the reader because every story has a vein of gold.

Your story is important and we would love to hear about it. It may be a long or short story, it may take the form of a poem, a song or a drawing. Regardless of your chosen expression, we encourage you to tell a story so that we can both benefit.

What if

What do you believe happens when you die? I know what I believe, but what if I am wrong? What if my belief about dying is so incorrect that it leaves me embarrassed at the time of death?


We will all die differently. For each of us the circumstances of our death – the surroundings, the timing and the people with us when we die – will be unique. The process of dying...

The Wall

I was speaking to a friend who has incurable lung cancer. He commented that no matter how positive he tries to be, his doctors are usually negative. He would comment” I am going...

The game of life

The game of life is unpredictable and we all know that at some point we are going to be disqualified. It is in the nature of the game, one where everyone eventually loses.

The forbidden topic

I had the opportunity to speak to a prostate cancer support group in the week and as part of my discussion brought up the topic of death and dying. It is not unreasonable...

The art of listening

One of the difficult things I have had to do in the past few weeks is decide about the benefits of dying to understand. It is one thing to have a website...

Don’t be average

Last year was the hottest on record in Australia with temperatures soaring into the 40’s and the discomfort factor hitting “unbearable” for those without air-conditioning.

Future change

You may have heard the well- known story about a frog in hot water. Apparently if you put a frog in a pot of regular water and slowly warm it up, the frog will slowly adapt to the change...


We all have disappointments in life and to tell the truth they are painful and unpleasant. Not winning first prize, not being awarded a gold medal and not securing the perfect job...

Asking for directions

I recently managed to get well and truly lost using satellite navigation and following Susan’s mechanical voice. With confidence Susan took me from “the known” to the “very unknown” parts of Brisbane.

Share Us Your Story

Snapshot - Your Story

Tell us a story out of your life.

You are a living history book and your experiences are invaluable. One man told me about his experience seeing the testing of an Atomic Bomb in the Pacific ocean. Another lady and husband Foster cared children for 24 years. A friend Allan supported a Leper village in India.

Whether your story is good or perhaps not so good please share it with us.

Opening Up

Sometimes life turns out bitter. We do things that are wrong and we suffer the anguish of carrying this with us every day of our life. In his Book “ Opening Up” James Pennebaker tells us why it is good to share a story even if it is a terrible story. Murderers, war criminals and rapists have shared their darkest secrets and in so doing we released from the burden they had been carrying for years. We are not here to Judge , simply listen. If you need to open up , please do- we do not publish or disclose this information.

Pearls of Wisdom

If you have lived , you will have collected pearls of wisdom on the journey. We will be grateful if you will share your wisdom with us. King Solomon wrote the book of proverbs. Perhaps you can help us write the book of modern proverbs or simply give us life tips that you have learnt along the way.


It is a gift to be able to create poetry. Whether the words are soft and gentle or harsh and searing, they are valuable to us. Please share your poetry and perhaps the context. We would love to share it with others.


Sometimes we don’t need words to express a story. If you have an expression and a story to tell without words please share it here.