We believe in good governance. As a NFP organisation we rely on valuable financial contributions and we want to ensure that we provide, not only value for money, but also responsible allocation of resources within our vision and mission statement.


Chairman: Dr Colin Dicks
Treasurer: Mr Paul Lanham
Secretary: Dr Brunhilde Davis

Alison Buzza

Marketing, Seiden Creative

Chris Thiesen



Dying to understand (, is an online resource providing education, and other resources related to dying, to all people as it affects the last months of life.

  • It provides education about dying: including wills, testaments, advanced directives, funeral planning, palliative care.
  • It provides education about living: including how to do your bucket list, photo shoots, legacy and telling your story
  • It provides a community forum for discussion about ‘life and death’ related topics
  • It provides education on palliative care resources and topics at the level that the “average person on the street” can understand

Vision/What we are about

To be a caring and respected global non- for- profit- organisation providing online resources for all people who will be affected by death in the next 6-12 months.


We have seen too many people die without due regard for this unavoidable day in every life. We have seen “bad deaths”: Unnecessary suffering, poor planning, family breakdowns, financial distress, excessive loss and bereavement and heartache that are all unnecessary if there was better preparation for death.

In Medicine there are no guarantees, but we aim for a good death: where all the affairs are in order, life has been lived without ongoing regret, and at the time of dying there is peace.

Our resources are aimed at:

  • People directly affected by a terminal condition (and a cancer focus) in the last months of life –who need education about dying.
  • People indirectly affected by a terminal condition such as family members and friends who need education about dying
  • Healthcare workers who need assistance in managing the conversation around dying; Before , during and afterwards.
  • Community – by supporting events that celebrate and maximise life. We are about better life. We do this by our giving.
  • Scholars- We need to keep learning about dying. See our research and scholarship page.
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