"It’s not about how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."
- Mother Theresa

One of the essential things to do in life is to give. True giving is voluntary and expects nothing in return. It is the action of opening the hand and letting go of something of value to benefit someone else. At its core, giving is an expression of love.

We think that expressing love is an essential part of life. Without expressing love we remain empty, unfulfilled and lost. Regardless of any circumstances love can never be limited. If you chose to you can express love today. We encourage it, because to love is good for you.

Please consider giving the following to someone who can never pay you back: friendliness, forgiveness , friendship, a willingness to listen, a kind word, a gentle touch or simply  a smile. Don’t hold onto it – open your hand and let something of value flow from you to someone else without expecting anything in return. That is the essence of being human.

At Dying to understand we give to a number of charities and causes. We do this without an expectation of getting anything back. We do it so that we can add some goodness to life, where goodness is needed

We welcome you to join us in giving.

Charities And Causes We Support

  1. Al Taylor for kids Works with children in our local Sunshine Coast community to build value and life skills, equipping their young hearts for life.
  2. Destiny Rescue This organisation makes a life changing difference to people caught up in human trafficking.
  3. Camp Quality They shine a ray of light and offer hope for children suffering an incurable disease.
  4. Research fund We offer scholarships for postgraduate students in the field of death and dying. By increasing knowledge, we decrease ignorance and fear that comes from ignorance.
  5. Feature charity of the month Each month, we select a worthy cause that improves the lives of those in need. We’d love your help in selecting one. If you have a worthy cause please let us know.