Funerals are a crucial part of the dying process and have varied purposes. This purpose may differ from person to person but the fundamental reasons behind them and the somewhat practicality of them makes perfect sense in this somewhat unknown yet prevalent part of life that is dying.

Some people think about the dying process, and in particular a funeral, as a negative thing. The topic is sometimes avoided or ignored in the hope that it will never happen. The reality is that everyone will experience the dying process at some point and will eventually need a funeral. Planning is key and if you have the ability to plan your own funeral before the dying process takes hold, why not grab it and make sure your wishes are met and you receive the send-off you want! There is such a thing as a good funeral and we can help you achieve this.

You don’t have to plan this by yourself, there are many people out there ready and willing to help. Whatever you want from this important part of of the dying process, make sure it’s planned and discussed with loved ones. While we are not funeral experts, we do know a thing or two about funerals. Below are some key things to consider. You can also find more detailed information in our dedicated e-Book and our Green Pages might assist in finding the right provider for you. There are lots to think about so accept help when you need it.

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?
  • Will it be a religious affair or otherwise?
  • Do you want a certain funeral provider?
  • Would you like it in a specific location?
  • Will it be full service or a memorial?
  • Do you have certain people you would like to speak?

Do you have a Funeral Story?

We know that all sorts of things happen at funerals; good things, bad things, funny things and mad things.

Funerals are a part of life and part of the dying process. Your story will help us and our community understand that funerals are not abstract but real.

For more information about funerals

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