There is no fun in funerals. They are often chaotic gloomy affairs, and best avoided if possible. The problem is we cannot avoid them forever, so we need a strategy to deal with funerals. The easiest strategy is to ignore them and yes, then they will be chaotic solemn affairs.

Our recommendation however is to think of funerals differently and see them as a good opportunity to celebrate life. We think that funerals should tell a story, be a party, honour a life that was lived, and perhaps hint at the life to come. Funerals don’t have to be dead events.

What do you want your funeral to be like? It is a difficult question, and no one likes to think about it, but we all need a funeral someday. Consider how you can make this day easier for those who will be there. They will be sad, at a loss and unable to think clearly. These are normal reactions when someone dies.

Consider who will be there: it is an opportunity for friends and relatives to catch up. It requires wisdom to manage the difficult personalities or unwanted guests. It requires a strategy to manage the powerful normal emotions associated with loss and bereavement. It may be a chance to play your favourite song, have someone read your final message to the world, do away with a boring wooden casket and do it your way.

Speak to a funeral director like a friend, get the best deal they offer. Here are some considerations:

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?
  • Will it be a religious affair or otherwise?
  • Would you like it in a specific location?
  • Will it be full service or a memorial?
  • Do you have someone in mind to do the eulogy?

All these require some thought and a discussion with your loved ones. No one likes planning a funeral, but if you have to plan it, plan it so that is not a dreary unhappy affair.

Please see our dedicated e-Book about funerals or find resources in our Green Pages.

We know that funerals can sometimes be funny, whacky, crazy times of chaos. Why not share a funeral story with us.

Do you have a Funeral Story?

We know that all sorts of things happen at funerals; good things, bad things, funny things and mad things.

Funerals are a part of life and an important part of death. Your story will help us and our community understand that funerals are possible, bearable and perhaps not always a disaster.

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