While it may be a good euphemism to be told “to get your affairs in order”, most people saying it don’t necessarily understand what this entails. In short it means that there are a lot of important things to consider before, during and after dying. This requires effort and sometimes hard work, but getting it right is so much better than getting it wrong.

When someone dies, the vultures will gather and seek advantage – people that were never expected. To avoid a disaster, you need crystal clear communication about your wishes when you are no longer able to communicate.

Things to consider are: legal, financial, medical, funerals and personal matters- things that matter to you.

Legal Matters.

When you cannot communicate a tight legal document, expressing your views, is essential. Usually these are testaments and wills, Power of attorney and other matters your lawyer may consider. Whatever you do, don’t do Legal DIY because it won’t survive when the vultures come. Money spent on good legal advice turns out to be cheap in comparison to drawn out court cases when someone contests a will.

Financial Matters.

Even though you cannot take it with you when you die , you do want to ensure that your assets are protected. Financial advice about estate planning is essential. Why pay unnecessary tax and fees if you can avoid it. Seek professional help to ensure your assets are safe.


Stay in control even when you are not. An Advanced directive is essential to ensure that your wishes are met when you cannot communicate them. Consider palliative care options and the all- important decision about dying at home or in a hospice or hospital and if this is possible or practical. For more information on advanced directives download the PDF.

Funerals and Cremations.

Most people think of funerals or cremations -negatively. They are not bad, they are essential functions in society to respect the life lived, deal with grief and most importantly dispose of the deceased body. Every funeral or cremation has some drama associated with it, but it can get a lot worse if it is not planned.


The list can seem never ending but make a list. There are many practical things to consider such as: the combination to the safe, the care of Pets, the keys to the house, or disposing of firearms. But then there are other matters to consider of a spiritual nature: things like forgiveness and having a conversation with God and considering the welfare of your soul and the afterlife.

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