“It’s not about how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

– Mother Theresa

Giving is good for you. At its heart, giving is an expression of kindness and love—it demands nothing in return. There are so many ways to give and it is so easy to give, all that is required is a willingness to give. Some of the ways in which we can demonstrate kindness and love are by being friendly, offering a smile, providing small acts of service, or simply listening. The list of opportunities to give are endless and, contrary to expectations, giving financially should not be a primary objective. Giving is a test of what is in your heart.

As a registered charity with deductible gift recipient status, we are ready to give. Our purpose is to change the world when it comes to dying. Some commentators say that dying education should start at school and not be left to the last moments before death. We agree—education about death and dying, as well as about getting on with living, is why we exist.

We have spent many dollars and given may hours of thought and work to get to this point. It has been our pleasure and we hope that it may add value and be of benefit to those on the journey at the end of life.

If you think we add value, please contribute to our work by becoming a member and sharing your stories and experiences. Your membership contributes to our success—Thank you!

All financial contributions are tax-deductible in Australia.

Your feedback is always welcome.

Charities And Causes We Support

Al Taylor for kids

Works with children in our local Sunshine Coast community to build value and life skills, equipping their young hearts for life.

Destiny Rescue

This organization makes a life-changing difference to people caught up in human trafficking.

Camp Quality

They shine a ray of light and offer hope for children suffering an incurable disease.

Dignity Freedom Network

DFN partners worldwide, funding sustainable projects among various communities.

Research Fund

We offer scholarships for postgraduate students in the field of death and dying. By increasing knowledge, we decrease ignorance and fear that comes from ignorance.

As a charity, we have a dual obligation to remain financially sound and to give within reason. To achieve this we allocate funds as determined by our board annually.

For 2020 we have determined to build reserves and retain 80% of our funds for Dying to Understand charity and distribute 20% of our funds equally to each of the charities we support.


When you give, not expecting anything back, you not only liberate the recipient but also something in yourself. For this reason, we encourage giving.


We encourage you to consider leaving an enduring legacy and to be part of something bigger. A thoughtful bequest may be part of a superhero legacy.

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