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We all have disappointments in life and to tell the truth they are painful and unpleasant. Not winning first prize, not being awarded a gold medal and not securing the perfect job are all examples of disappointments. Disappointments can be very bitter and enduring. Yet new opportunities are missed if we dwell on past disappointments and this can result in more disappointment. Break the cycle by putting disappointments into perspective.

Disappointments are time bound.

Thomas Edison was a master of disappointment. Yet every failure was viewed as an opportunity to succeed. His ability to see beyond the obvious failure and disappointment, allowed him to persevere because success was on the horizon. Today’s disappointments fade if tomorrow’s hopes are real. Disappointment is time bound. Every new morning heralds new opportunities.

Disappointments follow unrealistic expectations.

Don’t aim for the impossible rather aim for the achievable and build on this to avoid disappointment. Have realistic goals and achieve these. A “One step at a time” approach allows the journey to be completed even if there are small disappointments along the way. Don’t aim for Everest, start by getting off the couch and going for a walk and build on this. Who knows where the journey may lead?

Everyone is disappointing.

I am sure we all have stories about how we have been bitterly disappointed by someone at some point inn life. It may be our parents or teachers or children or partners. It may even be us! We may have been bitterly disappointing to someone else.

We cannot undo what happened yesterday, but we can choose how to react to past disappointments today. Let them be. Don’t hold onto them. Forgive others and forgive yourself. We can only travel a new path if we chose to abandon the old.

Life is unfair so don’t be disappointed.

How many times have you been cheated or unfairly treated. I can, as I am sure you can, draw up an impressive list of unfairness that has happened in life. As much as unfairness is unpleasant and possibly unforgivable, did you notice that the world did not stop turning and that life carries on.

Unfairness happens. Accept it and move on. Everyone experiences misfortune and heartache at some point in life. Don’t let yours overwhelm you. Good things also happen! Look out for them. Make them happen. Do something good to someone else. Start a new chapter in your life and make it a good one.

Don’t be trapped in a prison of disappointment. Often we are the gatekeepers of our own prisons. Set yourself free. Consider the reality of your circumstances, accept them whether they are good or bad and make a decision about your next step.

Often the circumstances are in life are not changeable but our attitude to them is changeable. In the worst circumstances and through the bitterest disappointments some people chose to be different.

Don’t let advanced illness prevent you from being kind and generous. Don’t let other people stop you from being the best person you can be. Don’t let past events prevent you from enjoying present events.

Sometimes you may need to get some help working through past hurtful experiences and disappointments. Get help and if we can help let us know.

If you for example compete at club level don’t expect to win a gold medal at the next Olympic games. First win at club level and then at regional and national level. Disappointment may follow realistic expectations but everyone can have a bad day. These disappointments are often short lived.

Unrealistic expectations will always disappoint because achieving them is impossible.

Living into old age is a realistic expectation. Living forever is unrealistic. Do you wan to live to seventy or eighty or ninety? Start by living to sixty and build on it. Not everyone is going to make it to the Olympics. Be realistic about your chances: consider your family history, your lifestyle- do you smoke or consume too much alcohol or are you overweight. Consider your age.

No one lives forever.

Everyone is disappointing at times.

It’s a fact of life: no one is perfect. I may be close but I am not perfect. I have disappointed my teachers, parents, siblings, wife, children and friends at some point in life. Conversely people have disappointed me. If I cannot change it why let it continue to bother me?

People get it wrong. Don’t let their wrongs keep on affecting your happiness. It is a choice to stop feeling disappointed.

Disappointment follows unfairness.

Life is unfair. How many times have you been cheated or unfairly treated. I can, as I am sure you can, draw up an impressive list of unfairness that has happened to me in life. As much as unfairness is unpleasant and unforgivable, did you notice that the world did not stop turning and that life carries on.

Harbouring resentment and bitterness about a past disappointment is a good way to spoil the rest of the day (and your life if you let it!).

Disappointment is a self-imposed prison.

Bad things happen to good people, we all have misfortune at times. Yet we also all have good fortune at times. There are days when the sun does shine, storms don’t last forever. Every bad day can end because every day is a new day.

Failing to appreciate and enjoy the new day is like being in a self- imposed prison. Don’t do it.

If you can change your circumstances do it.

If you can’t change your circumstances change your focus. Focus on one good thing, focus on forgiving one debt, or focus on doing one special favour for someone else. I think life is too short to be resentful or bitter about past disappointments. As much as they can chose to remain bitterly disappointed or move on , and your age, your family history , your lifestyle and your It mostly happens but it may not. It is not unreasonable to be disappointed if this event Living forever is unrealistic and without first winning the Gold at club and then regional , district and national level.

“Do your best” is not the same as “achieve the impossible” Within our talents . , not the impossible.
’s fade if we can have hothe current failure and the current disappointment , allowed him to He saw failure as an opportunity to succeed.He
They can be very bitter if they are not.

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