The importance of community

Things are better when we do them together and as a family. While our community may not be a biological family, we still think of it as a family: a place where you can be safe, be yourself, be supported and be vulnerable. But with this also comes the responsibility to provide safety, acceptance, support and care.

We know that the dying journey is sometimes impossibly difficult and with that we invite you to join one of our two communities. The first on is for those who are dying, the second one is for those who are the support team. Each one has different issues, questions and concerns.

This is a safe zone where you can chat, have your say, share your wisdom or simply just relax and hang out. Please join in or at least get in touch.

Group therapy

Patient Community

There are some things we cannot say to those we love, but they need to be said. There are some things are too difficult to ask. There are things that only those who are dying, feel and understand.

This is a private Facebook group where you can be part of these conversations.

Carers Community

It is hard work to care for someone who is dying. It is often a thankless job, it is a never ending job and it is exhausting. No one asks the carers “ how are you doing?”. This is where we get to ask, “ are you OK?”

Carers have their own unique needs. They have real issues and concerns, and often unsolvable problems. This community is for all those who care for someone dying. Have your say and listen to what others have to say.

Everyone Needs A Little Help Sometimes

We need your help to help those, who need help. By holding hands as a community, we all become a little bit stronger. Find out how you can be a hero and make a world of difference.

Man giving a helping hand
Man giving a helping hand

Be A Helper