Do what you’ve always wanted to do

Imagine doing something different, outrageous and fun or something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance. The normal sensibilities of life often keep us in check, so why not break out, especially if life is limited or ending?

Here is the secret. Life is always ending. We are always dying and every day gone is a lost opportunity. We can become so trapped in the reality of everyday life that we forget to live. The humdrum of everyday routine can distract us, and this is particularly relevant in illness where symptoms and doctor’s appointments and medication can be very limiting.

Today may be the best chance to plan for that thing that really matters. Now is the time to shine, to dance in the rain, to swim with the sharks or be as wild as your circumstances will allow. Don’t give into illness, plan your escape even if it is for an hour.

The realities of life are not going to go away but consider putting them on hold and take some time out to do something wonderfully different.


When suffering from a terminal illness or facing death, finding the energy to do something such as this can be difficult, so have a strategy. Aim for what is achievable, and ideally start working on the bucket list early. Make things matter, things that give you focus and a purpose each day.

Stuck on where to begin? Start small and have a look at our suggestions below. We’d also love to hear about your bucket list—what’s on it and what you have achieved. Please share your wild adventures with us and what they mean to you. (Please don’t get arrested in the process).


Show us what you have been up to or see what others have been up to

Taste it

Whether it is simply tasting the best ice-cream in the world, sampling a new taste sensation or enjoying a rare ‘saved for a rainy day’ wine, stopping and deliberately savouring the joy of taste can bring with it so much happiness.

Let your senses explore the range of amazing tastes available. It may be an exotic fried tarantula, Balut, the world’s hottest curry or the refreshing coolness of mango sorbet. Whatever it is, go for it and please remember to share your experience with us.

Experience it

Is there something that you have always wanted to do? Sky-diving, skinny dipping, steam bathing, sitting in a sauna, shooting, singing, taking an African safari or anything else you can imagine? If so, add them to your bucket list and start planning for it. We can almost guarantee the experience will be worth the effort and the feeling of elation that will follow will keep you smiling for months to come! 

Remember to share your experiences with us, we’d love to hear about it.

See it

Have you seen Mt. Kilimanjaro, the northern lights, the amazing features of Venice, Yellowstone National Park, The Big Apple, the Holy Land, or one of the magnificent wonders of Australia? It doesn’t always have to be spectacular to be meaningful. It may be important for you to visit the place you were born or where you grew up. Regardless of where add it to the list and start planning. A terminal illness doesn’t mean you can’t, it just means you should do it now.

Don’t forget, we’d love to hear all about it.

Say it

Write down or record your thoughts, memories, suggestions, recipes, or even your thoughts surrounding the secrets to the universe. Take time to have your say about anything and everything as, after death, all our words fall silent. Make them heard today and keep them safe so they can be heard tomorrow.

You could also write a letter to your loved ones for them to read now or once you’re gone. This is a beautiful legacy and a treasured memory for those left behind.


Plant it

What about going green. Have you considered planting a tree that will bring pleasure or memories for generations to follow? There are many great parklands in the world, established hundreds of years ago by people with foresight.

Everyone loves those gardens and trees. We’re not suggesting you recreate Hyde Park or Central Park, but a well-placed tree will last more than a lifetime and be a gift to the world to come. Add it to your bucket list.

Give it

Have you considered helping those less fortunate by giving something to make it better? It may be supporting and rescuing a child from the horrors of trafficking, supporting a child and family through a cancer journey, or simply giving to those who find life harsh. While we are a registered charity, we also support a number of other charities that exist to make a difference in the world. Why not consider what difference you can make by giving today or via a bequest post-death.


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