Dying hurts, we can help lessen the pain.

We help provide death education so that when the time comes, we can be informed, prepared and ready to face death.


Our resources are for all those who are dealing with death and dying and are on the journey at the end of life.

Our Communities

Our communities are empowering and may give you the advantage you seek when it comes to dying.

Make A Donation

With your help, we can help others who are struggling with the challenges of dying.

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Who Are We?

Dying To Understand is a not-for-profit charity providing education and resources about death and dying.

We believe we can do dying better. As a community of everyday people dealing with death, our aim is to learn and then to educate.

We are listening to you. Every story, comment, feedback and opinion matters- it is how we learn. Please share your stories and be part of us at Dying To Understand.

Discover Your Tomorrow

You Have The Power, Today

We believe that “while there is life, there is hope” and even in the face of death there is hope.

When it comes to a terminal diagnosis, there are two choices: One is to get on with living, the other is to get on with dying.

Your choice will determine your tomorrow. You have the power to make a positive difference in your world and our world every day.

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Helping Those Who Need Us

Are you a superhero?

You may not think so, but you are a superhero when you contribute – no matter what it is. It starts with a willingness to lend a helping hand. There are so many ways to help, including a willingness to talk about death and dying, asking questions, getting in touch, offering feedback, sharing your story, joining our Facebook group or supporting us financially.

By helping us, you help the whole community and however small your contribution may seem, to us it matters. You are a superhero.

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Share Your Story Or Read Others

We were never made to be alone. Experiences need to be shared and it is in this sharing that we grow and gain wisdom. Wisdom in more than knowledge. Shared experiences motivate us and help us to carry on. They are bright lights in the dark night.

Your knowledge is enriched by your experiences and wisdom gained from your triumphs and crushing defeats as well as your tales, jokes and humour throughout the course of your life and by it we become wiser, braver, and more caring.

We are, after all, are on the same journey and it is good not to feel alone.

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Dying To Understand Women Against Cancer

Patient Information

If you are the patient with an incurable illness,
we think these resources are a good place
to start.
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Carer Resources

If you are caring for someone with an incurable illness, we think these resources are the best for you.

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Our Communities

Connect with people who may be doing it as tough as you are, and who are on the same journey as you are. This is the place to encourage and be encouraged.

Be A Hero For
People Who Need It

Our emphasis is on living and hope. We cannot do it without you and it is only by sharing information and experiences that we can build this essential resource.

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Man giving a helping hand

Be A Helper