Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it.

- Haruki Murakami


But it often is. Wishful thinking and 'hoping for the best' are not enough when it comes to dying.

We know this, we understand dying.

The aim of our charity is to provide all the necessary resources to prepare for dying, and then, to get on with living. As a community we believe that we can do both living and dying better, by doing it together.

This starts with a conversation and different thinking.

I invite you to join our conversation.

Dr Colin Dicks


Don’t give up on life even in the face of death. We have some suggestions you may like


Make sure you read this essential information before you die - it should be taught at schools


There are things we do better when we do it together. Find out how good we are and help us to be better


For a successful job you need the right tools. When it comes to living and dying we think we have what you need. Look what we offer


We have chosen a membership model to protect our community. We would love you to join so please have a look at what we offer and what we do.
We hope to welcome you on board.


As a registered non for profit charity with DGR status, Dying to Understand is about giving. We want to give to you and give to others. Giving is more than about money - it is about being a superhero when someone needs a hero.

Find out how we give or how you can be a superhero

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