We believe that dying is a normal part of life.
We aim to understand dying, to enjoy living and to be fully prepared for death when it arrives. This requires more than wishful thinking. To make the most of living and the least of dying, take the next step and JOIN OUR COMMUNITY TODAY.

Adventures of Stickman

Stickman is a everyday regular guy with an incurable cancer. He knows that he is dying and he is happy to share his journey and personal insights with you. Find out more about the adventures and misadventures of Stickman right here.


Don’t give up on life even in the face of death. We have some suggestions you may like


Make sure you read this essential information before you die- it should be taught at schools


There are things we do better when we do it together. Find out how good we are and help us to be better


For a successful job you need the right tools. When it comes to living and dying we think we have what you need. Look what we offer

How We Deal With Dying:
People Stories

Every story counts

In the vast soup of life’s experiences we all add flavour. We encourage you to tell us about how you cope with dying. Your experience is invaluable to us and we want to know more. Please share your story

Our Comment on a Story

As a Radiation oncologist, it’s my job to care for people who have cancer. I love my work, and as a part of an amazing team, we can cure some cancers but sadly, not all.

Our Purpose

150 000 people, die every day , that is more than 100 people a minute. We wonder how they died: were they alone or were they comforted in dying ? Were they prepared for the transition out of this world or was it a traumatic event filled with distress?

As with all things in life , some preparation goes a long way to achieving success. We want people to die well, and we want to provide all the resources that may be needed to have a good death. But that is not all , we also want to people to live life even in the face of death. Let’s deal with dying so that we can get on with living.

So , after many attempts and some failures, we have started “Dying to understand” as a non-for profit organisation to have a conversation about living and dying. We all have to eventually face death, either as someone with a terminal illness or as a spectator , friend, family member or a health care professional.

Talking about dying won’t kill you but dying without talking will.

Let us start that conversation , one person at a time- together we can do better.

Membership benefits

Membership costs you nothing but may offer you everything if you are having to deal with death or dying. All our members are on the same journey – facing death and embracing life. Together we can be better


Giving is good for you. Giving is not about money but about being a superhero when someone needs a hero. Let us show you how to be a superhero